Finova Board Game

The game was conceived and designed for a training meeting. It featured each of the seven lines of FINOVA businesses, complete with a likeness of the Business Head. The game was designed secretly and surprised all management and staff at its unveiling.

The Finished Deliverable: Superb Quality Board Game

The design and production of this game was an interesting challenge for me.  

When approached by the department responsible for lender liability with the game concept I was intrigued. Incorporating each line of business head into the caricaturist graphics without their knowledge, brought a new dimension of challenge to the project. How would I get their faces onto the board without them knowing?

My original design concept for the game board layout was performed on my dining room table on a piece of butcher paper measuring 18″ x 18″ using crude clipart, as depicted below.

Original Comp on Butcher Paper

The next phase of the project was to hire an artist to take the concept design, the photos of management and LOB’s and begin the illustrations, as depicted below.

Artist Concept Complete with All Business Lines Head Caricatures

As we only required only 100 games to be manufactured/printed the project became more complicated. The search for a game manufacturer who could cost-effectively manufacture this small quantity began.

Ultimately, I concluded that the tradition sources for game manufacturing would not work in our situation, and produced two iris prints for each game board; one for the top of board, one for the bottom half.

After receiving the final art from the illustrator, I began to compile the game into a digital format from which the Iris prints were made. The game board was then hand-assembled.

All deadlines were met and the quality of the finished product was superior.